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MPS build #798 is out

Posted by Konstantin Solomatov on July 4, 2008

We released a new build. The most important changes:

  • Behavior and constraints aspects are separated
  • Editor language was refactored. We have a system which is similar to CSS
  • Base language editor improvements. Now it behaves more similar to its IntelliJ IDEA’s counterpart
  • Plugin language is better integrated with IDEA platform

You can download it from here


6 Responses to “MPS build #798 is out”

  1. I’m having a hard time finding up-to-date documentation about MPS. I understand that MPS is still is EAP and is not stable at all, but maybe it would be useful to update the documentation now that you’ve moved to IntelliJ’s platform.

  2. We work on new documentation. You can see intermediate version here: http://www.jetbrains.net/confluence/display/MPS/MPS+User's+Guide

  3. Thanks Konstantin. In the meantime I managed to get going with the screencast. But I’m stuck on something: I don’t manage to produce the [] array symbol in the public static void main declaration. Could you help me with that and tell me what are the keystrokes because the screencast is so fast and I can’t figure that one out?

  4. Do the following. Enter String. Put the caret at the end of the String. Press [. Press control+space. You should have String[] at this moment.

  5. Thanks a lot. I’m using a Belgian keyboard so I don’t have a key for [ but I did it with (, then Enter, Backspace and I could select array type in the drop down. And it works.

  6. We call it right transform. Instead of typing [ you could press space at the end of a String, then press control+space and choose [].

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